Restoring Hope

One day at a time

Finding ways to cope

On this mountain we must climb

There are situations in life when you may feel it’s too difficult to handle things on your own. Sometimes family and friends are unable to give you the guidance or insight that you may need to resolve or manage your problem. It’s in these times that therapy can help. I have successfully treated a wide-range of issues including, but not limited to; grief, loss, trauma, mood and anxiety disorders. I have also successfully worked with couples who are dealing with infidelity and/or communication issues.

Using a non-judgmental approach and creating a safe environment, I will guide you in processing your thoughts and feelings regarding the difficult situation you are confronting. I can assist you in identifying the appropriate tools to work towards a healthier and happier place in your life.

No matter what the issues are in your life right now, I will work with you at your pace to reach your goals. I believe that in working together and providing you with support, we can reach your goal. I am ultimately committed to help you make a difference in your life.